Learning from Target’s Vendor Risk Mistakes

Despite vendor-caused breaches being common, organizations still struggle to handle vendor risk management practices properly. We can use organizations who have experienced vendor breaches to improve our own information security programs and strategies. Here is how the Target breach from 2013 can provide a roadmap for your organization.
October 23, 2018/by Evan Francen

FISASCORE®: The Cyber Insurance Metric

Cyber insurance is a rapidly-growing extension of the insurance industry. Data is now an important possession the same way your car and home are. However, insurance companies are having challenges in determining how much to charge and how much coverage that gets you. Luckily, there's a metric for that.
September 10, 2018/by Robert Hunt

10 Information Security Stats Every MSP Should Know

As information security concerns continue to grow, businesses all over the world are trying to find solutions to combat an ever-changing threat. More and more businesses are leaning on their trusted managed services providers (MSPs) to assist them in their security objectives. Here are some stats which show how offering information security as a service can benefit both you and your customers.
August 8, 2018/by Brandon Matis

HIPAA: It’s Not Just for Hospitals

It’s important to understand that dental providers are also expected to adhere to HIPAA requirements, just like hospitals and medical providers. Here are some of the challenges dental providers face regarding HIPAA, and what dental providers can do to combat them.
June 13, 2018/by Brandon Matis

10 Reasons Everyone Needs a FISASCORE®

FISASCORE® measures an organization's information security risk. This numeric score is the product of an assessment that determines how likely it is that an organization's sensitive data is compromised. Here are 10 reasons why it's important for everyone and every organization to get a FISASCORE assessment.
May 17, 2018/by Brandon Matis

Douglas County Hospital Revamps Information Security Program with SecurityStudio

Douglas County Hospital is heavily focused on customer care. Its leadership understood that it needed to expand its thinking beyond the ordinary security measures to protect patients. They looked to SecurityStudio to do a FISASCORE and tell them where they could make security improvements.
May 17, 2018/by Brandon Matis

The Benefits of Becoming a Managed Security Service Provider

Information security continues to be a growing topic. Your clients will want to ensure they are protecting themselves properly against information security risk and that they are complying with information security rules and regulations. Find out how to become a managed security service provider and help your customers improve their information security posture while driving revenue for yourself.
May 2, 2018/by Brandon Matis