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At SecurityStudio®, we believe that every organization is faced with three major challenges when developing and executing a successful information security program:  seeing information security differently, prioritizing risks, and agreeing on methods to address those risks.

Our goal is to help all organizations to build and maintain a strong information security program. We developed FISASCORE to assist organizations with these challenges and to provide a common vision of information security risk and maturity.

The Comprehensive Information Security Assessment Score


FISASCORE is a comprehensive, risk-based measurement of information security assigned to your company. A FISASCORE identifies critical vulnerabilities, control gaps/deficiencies, and applicable threats to administrative, physical and technical controls used to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information in your organization.

More than half of all breaches result from third-party vendors. VENDEFENSE allows you to identify vendors and focus on those that present the most risk to your organization.

Backed by more than 100 years of combined information security expertise, VENDEFENSE was custom built and designed specifically for enterprises that use third-party vendors. This vendor risk management tool eases the burden on program managers who are tasked with evaluating and managing vendors.

VENDEFENSE is the ideal vendor risk management tool for vendors, program managers and enterprise users.


Armed with a standardized, risk-based scoring methodology coupled with a built-in remediation plan, VENDEFENSE doesn’t simply communicate risk. Through an easy-to-use automated workflow, VENDEFENSE equally evaluates all third-party vendors and brings your weakest links to the surface. Once the risks are identified, vendors, program managers and the enterprise are alerted and continually updated as vendors remediate risks.

Integrated with the market-leading vulnerability scanner.

Nessus Scan Results


Best Commercial Vulnerability Scanner

Nessus is deployed by millions of users worldwide to identify vulnerabilities, policy-violating configurations and malware that attackers use to penetrate your or your customer’s network.

Why Partner with SecurityStudio?


Established Security Risk Assessment Methodology

FISASCORE® – Fiducial Information Security Assessment Score – measures the risk of administrative, physical, internal technical and external technical controls.

Streamlined Assessment Workflow

We train our partners on our proprietary methodology and software, which enables them to perform the same thorough information security risk assessments on their clients.

Expert Support

Our partner FRSecure offers deep security expertise and corresponding support to our partners as needed to fill any and all gaps in security services their customers may require.

Predictable, Recurring Revenue

Our partners build up a backlog of FISASCORE assessments, which results in predictable, recurring revenue.

Flexible Billing Options

We will work with you to find an agreement that’s mutually advantageous.

Social Media Support

We can assist with socializing SecurityStudio-backed partner services to drive influence and ultimately sales.

Marketing Support and Lead Generation Tools

The FISASCORE Estimator is a useful resource for partners to generate and route leads with advanced referral tracking.

Dedicated Channel Sales Manager

Our Channel Sales Manager works directly with our partners to ensure mutual success.

Sales and Marketing Toolkit

We provide our partners with whitepapers, content, a monthly newsletter and a partner portal to assist with their sales and marketing efforts.

What our partners say

“We’ve been able to insert the tool directly into an audit and remediation mechanism we use to help our medical clients satisfy very specific audit requirement.”

Matt RileyNetgain

“SecurityStudio helped Netgain bridge the gap between more-general security awareness tools and a tool to capture the unique and very compliance-driven needs of the medical practices Netgain serves.”

Matt RileyNetgain

“The support and personal attention that we’ve received from SecurityStudio has made it easy for us to focus on the needs of our clients. We look forward to continuing our partnership and working together to revolutionize the delivery of security assessments.”

Randy AndersonLoffler

“Security Studio gives us a repeatable, standards-based assessment tool that allows us to clearly communicate the security state of our clients’ environments through a comprehensive assessment report and an easy to understand numeric score.”

Randy AndersonLoffler

“SecurityStudio is the perfect fit for us! They have a great tool that enables us to assess our clients’ level of information security, giving us the capability to provide them with a standardized security score along with a comprehensive, customized action plan. We look forward to bringing FISASCORE® to all of our customers!”

Dave SteeleBankers Equipment Service

“The team at SecurityStudio supported the product with training that got our audit team up and running in short order, as our first audit was weeks away. Support since we adopted the tool has been excellent, and the SecurityStudio team keeps an open line of communication on new features and content.”

Matt RileyNetgain