Women in Security and Their Experiences (Part 9)

Unsecurity Podcast

The UNSECURITY Podcast is sticking with its Women in Security series for yet another week. This week, Brad and Evan are joined by Lee Ann Villella, who is the Senior Enterprise Security Sales Consultant at FRSecure, Program Director for the Minnesota Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association, and member of the Cyber Security Summit Advisory Board Committee (including the Women In Security Sub-Committee). We’re lucky to have Lee Ann both at FRSecure and on the show.

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Podcast Transcription:

[00:00:22] Evan Francen: Hi there. Thanks for tuning in to the Unsecurity podcast I’m Evan Francen. My co host is Mr Brad Nigh. I’m getting all formal calling you Mr Brad Nigh your full name. This is episode 92 this is uh the day that’s honest. 2020 bread here. How you doing?

[00:00:41] Brad Nigh: I am here.

[00:00:45] Evan Francen: I’m mostly away partly recovered from the weekend. Yeah. We’re going to talk about that weekend here in a little bit. Uh so you might heard this. We’ve been doing this woman in security series uh Brad. It’s not about you, but I really I wanted to do this serious for two reasons. One I wanted to learn more about women’s issues in our industry. Obviously not being a woman myself and you not either. Last time I checked, it’s been a while since we’ve been covid apart. But I think you’re still ma’am. I think so. Okay. Which is good. I think I like I like you the way you are uh as I do most people. Um but I want to hear about women’s perspectives on things. You know, I know that, you know, I’ve been married for a while and and when I get my wife’s perspective and actually listen, it’s pretty amazing. Women women’s perspectives. And second I wanted to give women a voice. You know, at least here, you know, in our little corner of the world, give them a voice to be heard. So the entire podcast series we’ve devoted to women are industry, but Mhm. And I’ve been blown away. I don’t know about you. About just the quality of people, the women that we’ve talked to, the perspectives, the wisdom opinions. I mean, it’s been pretty amazing.

[00:02:18] Brad Nigh: I completely agree.

[00:02:20] Evan Francen: Yeah, but and I learned a lot. I went into the stopping expectations. Yeah. And I think sometimes it’s better to do it that way just to kind of let it flow and find out what you find now. Um but we’re not done yet. Today we welcome another amazing lady. This is somebody that I know well and respect. Heck a lot. So huge. Welcome. A ton of gratitude for joining us this morning and dealing with our whole technical issues. I mean, I don’t know why we don’t call ourselves this shit just sometimes, especially this morning. Uh, but we want to welcome Lee Ann Villella for joining us. Welcome.

[00:02:59] Lee Ann Villella: Thank you. It’s good to be here.

[00:03:01] Evan Francen: Yeah, it’s not that. What time is it there now? It’s 7 21. Yeah. Okay, so you’re up and ready to go. What time do you usually get up? Yeah. Usually

[00:03:15] Lee Ann Villella: six ish. 5 36 ish.

[00:03:18] Evan Francen: Okay. Are you more of a morning person or a night person? Morning?

[00:03:21] Lee Ann Villella: For sure,

[00:03:23] Evan Francen: dad, you morning person, night person, night person. All right mama, morning person except for this morning I suppose. Uh land you know that uh you know that you’re one of my favorites. I really enjoy every time we get a chance to talk. Thank you really happy here.

[00:03:42] Lee Ann Villella: Thanks. That’s good to

[00:03:43] Evan Francen: hear. So first before we, you know, as is customary, you know, every week, uh you know, we start off and I said this many times on the podcast. Uh one of the big reasons, if not the reason why we started the podcast 90 1 92 episodes ago was too spend an hour with brad. And so you start off every every podcast, just how you doing, what’s going on? What’s new to Brett? Uh how was your week? Week? And tell us why you’re so being tired this week.

[00:04:19] Brad Nigh: It was DEFCON so a bunch of different

[00:04:24] Evan Francen: on safe mode.

[00:04:26] Brad Nigh: Yeah, we did a bunch of different cts. Um, so let’s see me. I want to make sure I read these right? The our tech team teen ambush finished second again in the command and control CTF. They were actually leading up until the last minute they come out of last minute challenge drop. That was the condo I guess was anyway, but second place amazing job by these guys. Um Then our I. R. Team. And this is when I worked on, we were in the open sock CTF got into the finals and we finished. So I don’t have this info for the other guys but we finished day one in 31st place and we finished day two we got every every um flag. We finished in 14th so we’re the 14th fastest team to finish. And then in the finals we finished ninth. So very happy with that. We finished about I think around 10 minutes behind first place. So we were not that far off we’re pretty pretty happy with that. And then the combined team did seventh place in the bio hacking CTF. Some medical devices that was pretty fun. Uh And then Text Services guys did uh 16 plates in the I. C. S. Heck the planets and industrial control systems. We kind of went outside of our wheelhouse there with medical devices you know infusion pumps and IOT and things like that. And then eric got first place in the mud CTF which is multi user dungeon so some sort of a kind of a game type of thing that he uh he won that apparently so great job by him. Yeah but it was a long weekend. So we started thursday with the bio hacking. They opened up some stuff kind of many of their and then friday went about 11 hours. Uh CTF fame and then saturday was was that blood and well I can’t even thank 13 16

[00:06:43] Evan Francen: hours saturday so much. How much sleep We got michigan

[00:06:46] Brad Nigh: um Not

[00:06:48] Evan Francen: enough telling your eyes like

[00:06:51] Brad Nigh: yeah I’m still trying to catch up but it was a lot of fun but it was it was interesting to do it remotely but with you know the teams and video going and screen sharing and it was really good. It was a lot of fun.

[00:07:07] Evan Francen: That’s awesome man. So I think next weekend we’ll see if you can’t get Oscar and maybe a few other team members online. I’d love to hear more about the CTF about the experience, you know, this year is just like everything his just funky right? Yeah. Yes but great job. I love how you guys push yourselves and go outside of a limit by hacking and systems are not your you know what we’re known for.

[00:07:35] Brad Nigh: Yeah. Yeah it was there was a lot of fun it was the the open stock one was was really good. Blue teaming uh you know from the I. R. Standpoint you know it really I guess drove home. Yeah we’re you know what we’re doing and and I think the most impressive part is they provided all the tools and none of us had used those tools so we were finished ninth place with tools wooden we hadn’t we’re all familiar with.

[00:08:07] Evan Francen: That’s cool. Yeah it’s neat because you know I don’t know your your parents a lot of times. Well okay we we just know our kids you know and so you know like yeah you’re legit legit, you cheer them on to cheer them on and then they go and do something and they proved to themselves that they’re legit saturday knew you guys were legit. I mean it’s it’s not a surprise to me at all. Uh maybe eric’s a surprise to me because I think he’s No no that was pretty. Huh?

[00:08:42] Brad Nigh: Yeah it was good. It was great having all the members of you know the I. R. Team uh contribute even the new guy. Uh This started Tuesday was on all most of the weekend and was helping with some flags and learning and just use, yeah there’s a lot of time really. I think it’s going to really help that team fund.

[00:09:04] Evan Francen: Yeah. Yeah. Well Oscar does such a great job leading that team. That’s another reason I like to have you back on the podcast is you know, let’s get his perspective. And you were in the month, not that much, but you’re in a in a weapon, you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. How about you Lee Anne? What’s what’s new with you? How was your weekend? Uh You probably want CTF but

[00:09:28] Lee Ann Villella: no not quite as exciting as brad and team. Um It was good, went out for a hike with a friend and the woods friday. I think saturday just

[00:09:43] Evan Francen: hung

[00:09:44] Lee Ann Villella: out at home. Sunday went to Ikea which was a bad idea, turned around. Came back didn’t even go in,

[00:09:52] Evan Francen: what was it? A bad idea.

[00:09:53] Lee Ann Villella: Well so uh we didn’t realize, I mean they’re limiting people in the store so there was like long lines outside waiting to get in and we were just going to buzz in and bus out and get one silly little thing and they’re like, nope, not doing that. It came home and then grilled out last night,

[00:10:11] Evan Francen: eight corn on the cob. Nice good.

[00:10:15] Lee Ann Villella: And then had this massive storm entertainment last night and the power out. So, but it was about with them,

[00:10:24] Evan Francen: whatever the start storm roll.

[00:10:26] Lee Ann Villella: So the storm was, I don’t know between one and 2 30. I think our power went out probably about 99 30 for a couple hours. So

[00:10:38] Brad Nigh: yeah, cool ways. I saw something we got like 5.5 inches of rain, a 24 hour period yesterday.

[00:10:46] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah, and then it rained during the day too. But I don’t know, lunchtime for a while. So it was kind of a, it was so he was super humid yesterday. Just ridiculously human.

[00:10:57] Evan Francen: So you do, you do a lot of hiking that uh

[00:11:01] Lee Ann Villella: yeah, get outside a lot. We have two dogs. So we’re out with our dogs walking a lot just going to the dog park or walking around where we live. So yeah, I like that.

[00:11:12] Evan Francen: What can I now, what kind of dogs?

[00:11:14] Lee Ann Villella: Uh one is a Javanese Freddie and then one is a yorkie mix. Wilma,

[00:11:21] Evan Francen: a woman, she’s

[00:11:23] Lee Ann Villella: the loud

[00:11:24] Evan Francen: one. Yeah, Yorkies. They think they own the place he

[00:11:29] Lee Ann Villella: does on the place. Yeah,

[00:11:31] Evan Francen: yorkie mix with what

[00:11:33] Lee Ann Villella: uh she is your key silky terrier and a little bit of Pekinese. We did one of those tests because they’re both rescues but we did a test on her. So

[00:11:45] Evan Francen: how big is she? Right. She’s kind of a big girl. She uh

[00:11:52] Lee Ann Villella: like 15 £16.

[00:11:54] Evan Francen: Oh my gosh, that is big.

[00:11:56] Lee Ann Villella: Okay, she’s big bond

[00:11:59] Evan Francen: because we’ve got your key a two dots. It’s Turkey and I love them. I think they’re I think they’re so damn tough. It’s like

[00:12:10] Lee Ann Villella: she she is very tough actually.

[00:12:13] Evan Francen: All right. She just back down.

[00:12:15] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah, she’ll she’ll bark at big dogs. She’s she’s you know, she’s like get away from me and yeah, she’s fairly, she’s very tough.

[00:12:23] Evan Francen: I have Albert who’s a he’s getting a bit too so now I’m telling him fed up, he’s a hell is he Uric? He’s got your key and I know that. But yeah, he’s such a loud mouth and then when anybody like turned story and he’s like, oh he runs away, come on man. City girl is your

[00:12:50] Lee Ann Villella: new one. What’s your new one? Is that for your key to or no?

[00:12:54] Evan Francen: Oh gosh, yes. Yeah. What is she? She’s um your yorkie and chihuahua, turkey, that’s what we call and she’s like £2.2 that’s a little yeah she’ll get and she thinks she’s tough too. She wants, you know like a two hours our bulletin, you know usually so she walks around like, hey, you know, like she’s all that, it’s like you’re £2.2 girl, I step on, You don’t even realize it.

[00:13:34] Brad Nigh: I have a rule that I can’t have a dog that’s smaller than my shoe wear. A size 13. So this little route.

[00:13:42] Evan Francen: Yeah, they’re adorable, man. She’s, yeah, I can talk all day about dogs. Billion u Well, it sounds like,

[00:13:52] Lee Ann Villella: yeah, doing well.

[00:13:54] Evan Francen: That’s monday morning, get a big plant, get a week. Big week. I

[00:13:58] Lee Ann Villella: do got a lot of meetings this week. And yeah, it’s gonna be a good week.

[00:14:03] Evan Francen: What’s going on again? Welcome. Thanks. Well, I, uh, where my adam in rapid city, south Dakota, uh, came under for Sturgis and it was good. It was really good. It was good for my mental health. I think um physical health is what I risk when I come here because the covid and everything and I know that there’s all sorts of um, predictions and things that, you know, may happen. We’re going to be responsible. And I would advise, you know, anybody else who comes here to do the same. I’m going home and I will self isolate for 14 days. You know, I mean this response, I came here not to be irresponsible. I came here to get my head straight spend some really quality time with my wife, you know, being that 2020 has been so disruptive, just, it’s a normal life. Uh, so getting on the bike right now there for 500 some odd miles and you know, not, and it seems to, responsible, not wearing a mask for, uh, you know, 34 days. Oh, good

[00:15:21] Brad Nigh: brother. Play outdoors.

[00:15:24] Evan Francen: Yeah, of course. But you know, there’s no isolated.

[00:15:28] Brad Nigh: No, but yeah, it’s outdoors not wearing a mask, doesn’t seem as as risky.

[00:15:35] Evan Francen: Yeah. Well, I don’t have any, you know, and I’ve only been here for a couple of days and I’m heading home to this morning later. Uh, but no symptoms. And I’m surprised actually that I would say the most common age group out here is high risk people, you know, people that come to Sturgis this year more than I remember in past years. Our all sixties, seventies, that all a larger proportion than what I remember. So I think a lot of those people who are like, just, I just want normal, okay. You know, and they’re risking life and death a lot more than I am, wow. Yeah, yeah. Yes. So far, no motorcycle deaths. Usually there’s somewhere between six to sure, wow, Quite a few accidents already, but that’s all

[00:16:39] Lee Ann Villella: do you camp or what do you do to sleep?

[00:16:43] Evan Francen: Uh, so we stayed, uh, 25 miles out in rapid city, sir, just about 25 miles off the road. Uh, we stay, uh, Hilton nice.

[00:16:55] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah, at least you got little

[00:16:56] Evan Francen: comfort to get away from the riffraff, you know what I mean? Yeah, yeah. There’s always, there’s always a group. Yeah, but it was good. I think, uh, you know, that goes on for another week. We just came here for the weekend and just get away like back stop isolate. Which it’s not, it’s not really a big deal anymore. Self isolated. Yeah. I don’t know what I’ve been doing.

[00:17:22] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. Business as usual. Right.

[00:17:30] Evan Francen: All right. So, uh, yeah, other than that, that’s about 11. So now that this is episode, this is the ninth show that we’ve done talking about are serious women in security again, amazing experience. Eight weeks so far. Eight great discussions, wonderful ladies in our industry. Some of them kind of on the periphery in our industry and some deep into it. We’ve got a nice mix of Csos Laurie I think kind of wins the control of the longest tenure in our industry 35 years. And then we had a high school, not a high school on college senior, we had a chief operating officer. We, uh, I still have a place new people in our industry in victoria is relatively new. Yeah. And then Lee Anne only. And I think the interesting thing from you, the perspective you bring at least the one that I’m intrigued by is you’re not necessarily a practitioner, but you’re very active in our industry and you talk to hell of a lot more people than I do. I think every day, uh, in our industry, you know, as a, as a senior, you know, sales executive. Um so awesome again to have you here, how did you get started in all of this?

[00:19:03] Lee Ann Villella: Hey, so I’ve, so my career has been a very windy path and uh but probably about, I don’t know, 67 years ago I wanted to pivot from selling digital marketing and I worked on some advertising agencies and I was interested in technology and kind of networked with folks and found a job in software consulting and from there kind of found out about security, which was fascinating to me. Uh I always like being uh in industries that’s constantly changing. Very challenging. Also very um, you know, meaningful to a lot of people, you know, have you our job, we’re helping people because there’s, you know, the bad guys out there. Right? And so I had a friend on the Minnesota usa board and they had an opening. So that was my first step into, okay, I’m gonna learn this world, I’m gonna, you know, book speakers for them. I’m going to learn about security. So, so that was my first step. And then from there, you know, heard about f secure and uh, you know, eventually got a job there and here I am almost three years later. So

[00:20:26] Evan Francen: it’s so cool. I’m glad you made the change. Yeah,

[00:20:30] Lee Ann Villella: I am too. It’s a lot of fun. I love the industry. Um, you know, so it’s been a lot of fun.

[00:20:37] Evan Francen: Yeah. So now you said eventually got into our secure, got scared by the prosecutor because I remember the first time we man, I was still involved in not really hiring, they would they bring me into like, hey, you know, you want to talk to Lee Anne for a minute and make sure and I remember that and then they asked me can’t who was and we have to name names because they obviously got it wrong, you know? Uh Mhm. But asked me what I thought of you and I was like, all right, I’m an intangible stash. I don’t care if you have security experience. I was like, yes, she has the intangible. You can tell. And then you didn’t hire you at time. Thank God you were persistent and we were persistent or somebody was persistent. Is I was because you made such a huge difference for us.

[00:21:37] Lee Ann Villella: Oh, thanks. Well, you know, timing is everything. I think when, when I was first having conversations, I think the time he was off different things were going on. I think, you know, for a company and timing’s everything that’s always how it works. So

[00:21:53] Evan Francen: are they just plain got it wrong?

[00:21:55] Brad Nigh: There was, there was some, there was definitely some transition in the sales team at that time. I learned that

[00:22:05] Evan Francen: I’d like to say we went now. So I’m gonna get myself in trouble. Yes, that was, you know, we’re playing in the majors now. I’ll say that

[00:22:14] Brad Nigh: Yeah,

[00:22:15] Evan Francen: Melanie our sales team

[00:22:18] Brad Nigh: as you grow right. We voice that people that get you from 1 to 25 or maybe aren’t the people that get you 25 to 50 or the people getting 50 to 100. Right? So everybody has their niche.

[00:22:33] Evan Francen: Yeah. So you started as the ice to say now we use the program director then and still are now.

[00:22:40] Lee Ann Villella: I still am. Yeah, yeah. So I, I booked speakers for chapter events. Uh, we used to do like women and security luncheons. Um, you know, we do after hours events, which is more sponsored or a more company driven, you know, somebody sponsors and speaks, but um, but mostly the chapter events okay.

[00:23:01] Evan Francen: They also do work for the cyber security summit.

[00:23:04] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. So I joined that planning committee I think a year and a half ago. And so that’s the, you know, the false security conference um end of october and that that’s also a very strong solid group. I think this is the 10th anniversary year of that conference this fall

[00:23:24] Evan Francen: when that conference is known for a pretty healthy six support of women in our industry as well.

[00:23:32] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. So they actually, last year was the first year they did a women in security event. It was a half day on monday and literally that was planned um in 90 days like very quickly and the feedback was very, very good. And so um this will be year two and I think it’s a full day this here, so on monday

[00:23:56] Evan Francen: judy hatchet and mentioned that she was there last year. Yeah,

[00:24:00] Lee Ann Villella: judy hatchet is very involved. Tina Maker. There’s a there’s a whole committee of very strong powerful women on that.

[00:24:08] Evan Francen: That’s true. That’s very cool. So now you’re here and how long has it been? Three years,

[00:24:15] Lee Ann Villella: it’ll be three years in october end of october

[00:24:19] Evan Francen: it’s fast.

[00:24:21] Lee Ann Villella: I know time flies right?

[00:24:24] Evan Francen: Yeah. Rears and you are serving charge of not in charge but you are lead or go to person for enterprise.

[00:24:36] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. So there are other reps that’s also do enterprise but um not

[00:24:43] Evan Francen: as well as you well, I’m just

[00:24:46] Lee Ann Villella: going, we’re not going to see that, that’s not true.

[00:24:48] Evan Francen: We

[00:24:49] Lee Ann Villella: have a really strong team, you know,

[00:24:51] Evan Francen: see if they’re listening

[00:24:54] Lee Ann Villella: but yeah, so I still have a lot of uh you know, midsize accounts that I’ve kind of grandfather that I’ve come along since I’ve been working with him. But um enterprise has been a focus for me

[00:25:08] Evan Francen: now. What’s you mean, you know better, what are the challenges, do an enterprise and non enterprise since did take more time to do enterprise,

[00:25:22] Lee Ann Villella: sometimes there’s a longer sales cycle. You know, you’ve you sometimes get more stakeholders that you’re talking to, you might be talking to a c so but as well as a CFO or a c I. O that, you know, it just depends on the organ but um and I think the expectations, you know, to to make sure you’re delivering and heading doing it well um Mhm. Are important. So but you know, I like challenge so it fits me well.

[00:25:57] Evan Francen: You know, you’re kind of, to me, you know, you’re kind of a sleeper, you know, because he just doesn’t Yeah, if I were to talk to you, you know, just on the street, you know, I just have a conversation with you. I wouldn’t know how competitive you actually are. You seem to be very very competitive. Is that true?

[00:26:16] Lee Ann Villella: I am? Yeah. It’s in my top five on my strengths finders.

[00:26:22] Evan Francen: Yeah.

[00:26:24] Lee Ann Villella: Uh Mhm. Individualistic or individual or something I think. Which I had never done that. We did we did it as a sales team, I don’t know a year ago or so. I had never done the strengths one. I’ve done other ones. But

[00:26:38] Evan Francen: yeah, I was surprised at mine, I grew up an only child. So I would have thought individual is um individualistic. I can’t remember the word either. A big one, but my number one is later.

[00:26:54] Brad Nigh: Mm I get that.

[00:26:56] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah.

[00:26:58] Evan Francen: But I don’t like people,

[00:27:00] Lee Ann Villella: but deep down you do just on a much deeper level. That’s what it is.

[00:27:08] Evan Francen: Yeah. Number two is competitive for you. Yeah.

[00:27:15] Lee Ann Villella: Really? See I wouldn’t have guessed that

[00:27:17] Evan Francen: uh all it means is I only play games I win. Mhm. Bridget. It doesn’t mean I pushed the art or anything. It’s just I want to play. Yeah. All right. So you so you’re your lady showing. So I don’t uh you are first female. No you weren’t. You weren’t. We had a female salespeople. One of things that that’s interesting is we say that you know 70% 80% of our industries men. So does that mean that you’re primarily interfacing Lee Anne with men when when you’re doing your job?

[00:28:02] Lee Ann Villella: Uh It’s a mix. I mean I I certainly have women clients too. Um I don’t you know, maybe it’s three forest men of fourth women roughly.

[00:28:16] Evan Francen: Okay. Um Yeah. Do you feel like um because one of the things you’ve heard time and time again is this bro culture kind of thing and I can’t put my finger on it. I mean I know I’m part of it. This I’m gonna go. But uh do you use it?

[00:28:43] Lee Ann Villella: I I hear about it, I I’m not directly exposed a little bit but I would say it’s um I hear about it more when I hear about like hacking events, you know, I was like on twitter, you know, falling women who are you know sometimes complaining about not being respected in that that kind of world but I’m removed from that and then the other the other piece that I hear about. So I listen to like a lot of C. So podcasts and I’ve heard women leaders be at like R. S. A. At a booth with their team and the sales people talk to the team and not the woman who’s the cso leader and they obviously didn’t get a sale because you know they disrespected her and they just they didn’t give her the time of day which was so I hear about very you know kind of removed but in that aspect.

[00:29:39] Evan Francen: Yeah. Well I suppose with the work you do it? S a and the work you do, cyber security summit, you probably hear stories of various now would you call it? Would you call it discrimination? I think it is, isn’t it? I mean sense of the word, that’s what that’s why it’s used you know I don’t know. Yeah it’s

[00:30:06] Lee Ann Villella: a strong word. I mean it’s kind of a lack of sensitivity or awareness. Maybe

[00:30:13] Evan Francen: it is a sweet strong wood. But when you look at the we kind of do you get from the definitions of words nowadays? So I mean if I discriminate discrimination actually it’s been used it’s been used so much for certain things that you almost can’t use it for other things, you know? Yeah discrimination is actually a good skill that it’s used appropriately right, discriminate all the time and choose things. So this thing over that thing. Uh huh. So do you have any stories to yourself of where you’ve been sort of disrespected or marginalized uh you know I think that comes to mind

[00:30:59] Lee Ann Villella: you know I had some experiences in my career a while back where um you know, I was I was selling in an industry again, mostly men um name and they, you know, they were not that they were not always the nicest to sell to. Um but at the same time it, you know, it kind of toughened me up and uh you know, I always believe that I I you learn from things even if they’re challenging and uh you know, in my role in my role at my work as well as my, you know, my other security things, you know, and I am very passionate about supporting women and trying to mentor or you know, um when women are young in their careers, support them and so that’s that’s my way of personally trying to make a difference because I have learned the hard way and a few things, but

[00:31:55] Evan Francen: yes, what’s another thing that we’ve heard? I think multiple times is being tough? Yeah, man, it was the first, the first show in the series, but we heard Renee tell us how important it was to be tough.

[00:32:11] Brad Nigh: Yeah, yeah, so one of the big things we’ve we have heard is the mhm confidence thing, you know, like and then it miss being borderline reckless, I’m not quite that bad, but I know I have no issues just trying something especially around you know, work and things like that, have you seen that from your side of it in terms of like the sales side of in that that confidence going in and talking?

[00:32:46] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. I mean I’m, I’m conscious of it. And so again, when I feel like, oh, you know, that’s something that I’ve never done. But, but I’m aware of it so that I’m, I’m still going to do it, but I’m aware of my sort of maybe a little bit of hesitation

[00:33:03] Evan Francen: you to. Yeah. Because I think in sales in general, it seems like you got to be tough, right? I mean you have to extend. It seems like you get lot of rejection. That is true. Yeah.

[00:33:16] Lee Ann Villella: That’s, that’s part of the game,

[00:33:18] Evan Francen: right? So with all that and then being able to still, yeah, maybe it is part of the game, right? It’s probably easier for a woman. Maybe I’m generalizing when I say these things, I’m kind of just, you tell me, you know, but it seems like you have to be tough to be in sales anyway regardless of whether you’re a female or male. Yeah, true.

[00:33:48] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. Yeah. You have to deal with rejection, you have to be persistent and determined and yeah, that’s all part of it.

[00:33:57] Evan Francen: All the things I appreciate about you too is I know when you get, want to get time on my calendar, we’ll get it the way she

[00:34:08] Brad Nigh: is persistent.

[00:34:09] Lee Ann Villella: I’m getting maneuvering

[00:34:11] Evan Francen: way.

[00:34:13] Lee Ann Villella: But in a, in a subtle

[00:34:14] Evan Francen: way, I’m

[00:34:17] Lee Ann Villella: not the hammer over the head, but I’m like kind of a snake in the

[00:34:20] Evan Francen: grass? Yes. Yeah. So is that, do you think that’s something that helps maybe for women in our industry is maneuvering, you know, meaning being Mhm. Being tough, but being able to adjust, you know, have your go in mind and go after it and you may have to shift a little bit here and there.

[00:34:48] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. And I think, you know, it’s it’s partly a style thing. You know, there are other sales folks who are very aggressive and uh it’s just it’s kind of my style. This is a personality more than a and I don’t know, maybe it’s a gender thing. I don’t know. But

[00:35:07] Evan Francen: yeah. All right there. Well, that’s kind of looking for. It’s like what are the gender things in security sales. Mhm. I don’t know if there aren’t that many three section world a question

[00:35:28] Lee Ann Villella: It is. Yeah. See this listen, I will say I’m big on listening. I would always prefer when I’m talking to somebody in a sales process. I want to get them talking. So I’m asking, asking a lot of questions open ended questions. Always want to hear them and then respond. Um okay, you know, that’s also more comfortable for me.

[00:35:56] Evan Francen: Well, I think it’s good for relationships. Mhm. Yeah. The pushy aggressive transactional sales approach, especially in enterprise and the things that you’re selling your selling services. You’re not selling products. Mhm. I think I really serves him well, doesn’t it? You know, to be that Listen?

[00:36:24] Lee Ann Villella: I think so, yeah,

[00:36:26] Brad Nigh: I think you’re you’re approaching, you see it as it really is that partnership that you’re trying to build out as you. I mean, we worked together for most of the last three years doing the sales process. Yeah. You’ve definitely been like, I don’t think that’s the right thing for them, right? You do truly have your customers best interest.

[00:36:51] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. I never want to sell things that aren’t going to make a difference at the end of the day, my job is to help people to help them be more secure, to make sure their programs, you know, to make sure they’re in a the company’s in a defensible position. And, you know, it’s unethical for me to sell something that somebody doesn’t need. So, you know, that’s why I think if our secure, we’ve we’ve been successful. That’s also the mindset of the company. And at the end of the day, there are some folks who who haven’t been a right fit for us. Um you know, and we’re so I I appreciate that.

[00:37:31] Evan Francen: Yeah. Yeah. I also appreciate that about you because you’ve always been very mission focused, which finding that common ground regardless of gender, regardless of race, regardless of anything. We have a common same that you’re all marching towards, then the stuff that matters, it doesn’t seem. Yeah, it’s true. I think that’s one of the reasons to where I struggle and trying to talk about some of the stuff because I just don’t know I don’t know what it’s I don’t know that okay it sounds stupid but I don’t know what it’s it’s like a business to discriminate you know against somebody because of their because their gender or their color or their beliefs. You know? It’s just weird. I don’t know. Yeah. Yeah. What’s that? I

[00:38:28] Brad Nigh: think a lot of it it really does probably have a lot to do with with you know your upbringing right? You know if you’re exposed to more diversity is your young. I I mean I know I was in the D. C. Area, you lived in that area as well for a while in the military. So you you were exposed to it. Yeah. What about I don’t actually don’t know

[00:38:54] Evan Francen: where.

[00:38:55] Lee Ann Villella: Yes. I actually grew up mostly in Eden prairie and I would not say it was very diverse. Great up there. Uh It certainly is many more diverse now which I think is great. Um But I’ve always you know had friends of different races and backgrounds and I think um you know I think that’s important too when you’re going back to your point Evan about business and discrimination, I think if people know that they have unconscious biases that’s kind of a first step of becoming aware of things that might be going on just different perspectives people that are from different countries or different you know so um and I’ve always tried to be aware of that. um you know, so you just get to know people for where they’re at.

[00:39:52] Evan Francen: So that’s an interesting thing, unconscious bias because I do hear a lot of a lot and I try to so if it’s unconscious without an anti definition, I don’t know it. Right? So then how do I become aware of? Is it being open to criticism or being open to evaluation from somebody who maybe is could be aware of it? I don’t know. Weird.

[00:40:30] Lee Ann Villella: Mhm. Yeah, I mean, I think it goes and you’ve said this on the podcast, it just goes back to two valuing different perspectives. Mhm. And I think it’s human nature though, you know, we always gravitate that towards people that think like us or so we have this commonality, that’s a human nature thing, but to be aware of, oh well this different perspective could be valuable or I could learn something that’s that’s I think where the you know, if people have that, that’s kind of you know, at least you’re open minded halfway there too,

[00:41:04] Evan Francen: right? One. And when people do that, I know from my own experience on that uh it feels dangerous sometimes to do that because in order for me to understand or you know, another people group, that means I need to interact with that other people, which then means I exposed myself to this other people group and I don’t know if they have the unconscious bias that they’re going to attack the crap out of me, you know what I mean? There’s just like this, I don’t know, we probably ought to, but so you you mentioned mentoring Uh huh And so that that’s another thing we for over and over again. Uh do you do any mentoring today or you’ve been is that you can’t mention all the time? I know that from my own perspective, I’ve got 1000 things going on. I try to,

[00:42:09] Lee Ann Villella: I’m not, I wouldn’t say I’m formally mentoring anybody, but I will I guess one of my ways of paying it forward if you will is just if people are in transition, I will meet with them have coffee. I try to connect him with my network or people that I know, so I always try to do that for people. Um you know, I network quite a bit, so that’s probably the main way that I’m doing it. But I would be open to mentoring, you know, people that want to be in security sales because I just yeah, I would enjoy that and I just think it would be great, you know, good for the industry to have more diverse perspectives or people to at least understand and know what opportunities are out there.

[00:42:59] Evan Francen: Yeah, well maybe that let me do this podcast, there is an opportunity, you know, for people to reach out because you know, there’s different types of mentoring to, there’s the mentoring were like we’re going to walk this path together and the path is 1000 miles long. Then there’s the path then there’s the mentoring looks like Yeah, I have a our conversation with you. You know, I mean I just don’t know what kind of impact you’re gonna make people. Mhm. I don’t think mentoring has to be a long term thing necessarily. It’s making a positive impact on their life. Oh, did I think? I don’t know. So, so I think people maybe at the end of this podcast, maybe there’s opportunity for us to share your contact information because I do think, yeah, for sure, women. Yeah. Well, even then, I mean, heck you can learn so much from other people. Mhm. Uh You we’re just I don’t know. I’m trying to put my finger on it. It’s like the path you took into our industry is cool. But it’s very it’s very unusual. We’re all we’re all a bunch of weirdos. I

[00:44:18] Lee Ann Villella: do know that. It’s probably why I’m attracted to it.

[00:44:23] Evan Francen: Yeah, we’re driving through the badlands and I found a geology broken. I was talking my buddy and I was like, should get this book and like what do you know about geology and my bow and nature didn’t shut up. I don’t know why, but I did. So what was your so are you a college person? Yeah,

[00:44:47] Lee Ann Villella: I did. I went to a liberal arts school. I majored in english?

[00:44:53] Evan Francen: Uh you know literature? You speak good english

[00:44:58] Lee Ann Villella: good english. Right?

[00:45:00] Brad Nigh: You enjoy redlining

[00:45:03] Lee Ann Villella: documents? Right. I love that.

[00:45:06] Evan Francen: All right. So if you need any documents edited, you can also.

[00:45:10] Lee Ann Villella: Well, I worked in book publishing for a while. Did you really? Yeah, I’ve had a lot of interesting. I was a massage therapist after college. I went to massage school.

[00:45:24] Evan Francen: Uh huh. That’s something I don’t think I could ever do. You have to have really strong hands? Something. Yeah. Yeah,

[00:45:31] Lee Ann Villella: I do anyway. I did that a couple of years. But um you know, and it’s interesting because I heard somebody talking about a liberal arts background where you you kind of feel like you can do anything because you’re sort of trained to study in a lot of areas. And I feel like that’s that’s resonated with me because I have a lot of interests and if I’m interested, I’m going to go learn about it. You know,

[00:45:58] Evan Francen: it’s true. You got a good mix of uh ethics. I love the fact that should compel because I didn’t even think about that because you and I have interacted numerous times over the years. It’s just like the first time on it kind of dawned on me like holy crap. Yeah. She is that you called, you said it yourself like a snake in the grass. That’s exactly what you are. Uh huh. I’m glad you brought that up because I probably would have been bad for me to say where your snake in the grass because you’re doing shut up church. Yeah. Uh huh That’s cool. That’s very true. Right. Any can you think of any other things? So there’s lots of mentoring opportunities, ones that you’re because you want mentoring people to your mentoring people through the ice to say stuff that you’re doing and mentoring people through a cyber security summit, even though you’re not, one on one may be mentoring anybody right this minute. The fact they should interact with those people. I think that could all qualify as many. Yeah. Um what’s in, is there anything that comes to mind? Um and you should be blunts right now. Is the time for the snake in the grass that you know strike? Uh maybe is there anything that you can think of that bread and I can do or people like brad and I to help foster um just a better environment with women in our industry for And you have to think of anything now. You think of it later? That’s fine. We’ll publish it somewhere later. But I want to do more to help everybody, Not just with them. We need to do it. We need to do a we need to minorities in security. You know how many, how many black people have I worked with? How many asian people that I worked with insecurity leadership in this industry? Yeah. To maybe I don’t know anyway, anything you can think of anything that comes to mind that you can do to help.

[00:48:18] Lee Ann Villella: I just think um again, doing this podcast podcast like this is great. And I think you guys mentioned like some kind of like starting a nonprofit or something, didn’t you mention that

[00:48:29] Evan Francen: there’s a rumor.

[00:48:31] Lee Ann Villella: So that idea, I loved it. I was like I would love to and be involved in something like that because I just think again, getting awareness at the high school, the middle school level, the college level of people that again, who you know, and you talked to so many women, they’re like, I didn’t know this existed. You know, I don’t have a tech background but yet here I am insecurity and I’ve heard that over and over and over. And so um you know, just bringing awareness at a younger age to folks who I have no idea about the wonderful world of security. You know?

[00:49:09] Evan Francen: Oh yes. It’s not going anywhere. We need them.

[00:49:15] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. And we know the, you know, the job shortage too is so

[00:49:19] Evan Francen: yeah, Yeah, this is like information security is like the worst possible industry discriminating, you know, this one who are we? We’re begging for talent two many of our solutions even though they seem really creative. It’s just reaction the same crap over and over again, we need more perspectives. We need more creativity in our industry and they only get more perspective is by bringing people that aren’t like you to the tube.

[00:49:52] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah. Mm Yeah, you’re in, you know, there’s been research I think, but that just, that brings us a stronger business perspective to people too, so,

[00:50:07] Evan Francen: yep. Okay, lian, who else? Yeah, it’s just is it just you and jennifer right now, ladies on our sales 14. Yes.

[00:50:20] Brad Nigh: Yeah, the that next level we had lethal and

[00:50:26] Evan Francen: all right. What about this? Yeah,

[00:50:29] Brad Nigh: the CIA some team, Yeah, kind of supporting you guys.

[00:50:36] Evan Francen: At least it’s kind of a she’s a snake in the grass to

[00:50:40] Brad Nigh: you and lethal are very similar and it’s I mean that is a compliment.

[00:50:48] Lee Ann Villella: Uh we’re going to live down the snake in the grass.

[00:50:51] Evan Francen: No, no, no. Okay,

[00:50:54] Lee Ann Villella: I get it. I get it though. She’s great. Well, I think we are similar that way.

[00:51:01] Evan Francen: Yeah. Finally we’re in a positive way.

[00:51:04] Brad Nigh: Yeah, putting the snake in the grass uh friday yeah, friday was out back, there was a cicada on our deck and I was looking at it with my daughter, just down on the ground and I started walking under the deck and almost stepped on about a two ft garter sink and just jump like I wasn’t expecting it and go to step moving scared the jesus happened.

[00:51:31] Evan Francen: So literal

[00:51:32] Brad Nigh: literal stake in the grass.

[00:51:34] Lee Ann Villella: That’s a long one. You don’t see that. I mean I actually haven’t seen long 12 ft long,

[00:51:40] Brad Nigh: but we live right back up to woods and yeah, it’s not surprising, I just wasn’t expecting it. Mhm

[00:51:51] Evan Francen: Sorry. Now I didn’t realize that you grew up in in prairie also.

[00:51:57] Lee Ann Villella: I did back when it was farmland still.

[00:52:01] Evan Francen: Yeah, I went to Minnetonka graduate. Is that around the same time? Were

[00:52:09] Lee Ann Villella: similar? Sure.

[00:52:11] Evan Francen: Okay. You still even pray with a stick? Yes.

[00:52:17] Lee Ann Villella: Um Yeah. Yeah. I played tennis. That was my sport. Tennis. Yeah. We probably played metal Tonka, I’m sure. But you were a swimmer right?

[00:52:32] Evan Francen: There was,

[00:52:33] Lee Ann Villella: did you do other others? Or was that your primary,

[00:52:37] Evan Francen: you’re assuming that’s about all you do? Oh, really? Yeah. There’s no off season. It’s two days year round. Yeah, it’s funny of football players and bitch about complain about two days and obvious it’s like, come on.

[00:52:53] Brad Nigh: Yeah. Did

[00:52:57] Lee Ann Villella: you see the olympic uh swimmer woman that swam the full length with the glass of milk on her head? No. Oh my God, you’ve got to look it up. She did it on the first time.

[00:53:10] Evan Francen: That is serious technique

[00:53:12] Lee Ann Villella: and then she did it again and, you know, they’ve tied it into the Got Milk campaign. But so she she did the full length and then she took it off her head and it was it was impressive because I mean, you know, the yeah,

[00:53:29] Evan Francen: joy at this technique is so much of something is technique. It’s not just cardio and everything else. I mean, that’s that’s important. But it’s technique and it’s mental,

[00:53:41] Lee Ann Villella: lot of it and holding your breath,

[00:53:44] Evan Francen: right? Yeah. That’s crazy. I’m to look that up. Yeah,

[00:53:50] Lee Ann Villella: it’s on Youtube.

[00:53:53] Evan Francen: Right. Uh so this is another transitional transition into some years land. Please stick around. Uh your your opinion in any of these news articles is just as important as ours. Uh Sounds good. Yeah, I do I do appreciate you appreciate your pragmatic approach. I appreciate your really good communication skills. I’m actually going to appreciate too. You’re maneuvering. Yeah, it’s super effective and you do it in a way that doesn’t make this some people up. I don’t just mean so thanks. Yeah. Right. Uh All right. So some quick news stuff. I have uh three stories. I actually had four, but I didn’t like uh dropped it. Um The first one comes from ZB matt and the title is hecker leaks, passwords for 900 plus enterprise VPN servers. That’s right. Uh It’s a big one. Yeah. Yeah. We talked, is this the same one that we talked about a little

[00:55:01] Brad Nigh: No, the other one was like uh more end user focus. This is like actual companies that are, you know,

[00:55:14] Evan Francen: context. There’s the passwords, plain text user names and passwords along along with I. P addresses for more than 900 pulse secure VPN enterprise students. Do you know, anybody using a pulse secure bpm enterprise server bread. Actually don’t I don’t need her to make this story kind of intriguing for me. I’m an old school BPM guy where we would set up the VPN Concentrators way back even before that, you know, just set up a PP. TP. Yeah, so you know, some tea. Uh so I’m dating myself. Um I thought that sucks. Is, you know, we push and we preach E P. M all the time. Right? We push it because to primarily two things, right? The encryption authentication, you have authentication of the traffic and then we also have the, you know, that protected confidentiality of the traffic. Huh? This sort of ticks me off.

[00:56:22] Brad Nigh: Well, it looks like it was that they patch Right? Patch has been out since august 19. Yes,

[00:56:35] Evan Francen: yes, august of 2019. Didn’t apply the patch at CB 2019 11510. It was and that was when the exploit, it was made public. No. So not only was this a known vulnerability, what exploit was associated with, you know, the patch came after that.

[00:56:59] Brad Nigh: Yeah, I’m looking, I just pulled it up on showdown and it’s not like Hyundai heavy industries. Mhm. They’re simple. Uh, so there’s, there’s some looks like it’s, there’s definitely some bigger companies using it

[00:57:15] Evan Francen: there. Yeah. Yeah. So it’s going to and I think that’s going to resonate. Well this, this news broke. What’s the date today? Lieutenant? So state this news broke like a week ago in six days. So it’s between podcasts. Uh so there’s plenty of stuff out there about it if you are using uh there was a Russian speaking hacker forum is where this was dumped frequented by many Red Summer games. So now that range from here, I mean this is the these are people that stuff. Uh imagine if you’re securing your VPN with single factor of medication, I’m the attacker that that user names and passwords. How hard is it to get in there? Yeah, I p addresses a pulse, secure VPN servers, all secure VPN server, firmware version. Ssh keys for each server, the list of all local users and their password, password hashes, admin account details, last DPR Lovins and G P M session cookies were all done.

[00:58:36] Brad Nigh: Yeah, it’s pretty big names like the revival are whatever Suda and kimmy and

[00:58:48] Evan Francen: Yeah, well speaking of big names, so also this week we have intel, yeah, you know, 20 gigabytes of internal documentations were leaked online last week. Uh we were published online, the file sharing website mega. And allegedly they were published by Till Cotman or Swish swish swiss software engineer who received it from an anonymous hacker. Mhm. Yeah,

[00:59:23] Brad Nigh: it’s interesting if you look, it was saying that it was from a they believe it was from the Resource and Design Center so they, you can log into the account log in and access stuff fixing me may have gotten in there and doing it. You think hopefully they even have some pretty good logging around

[00:59:45] Evan Francen: that. Right. Well 20 gigabytes is.

[00:59:51] Brad Nigh: How do you? Yeah, I would just guess it was probably slowly downloaded. I don’t think you’d notice 20.

[00:59:59] Evan Francen: I wonder how much, I wonder how common coming, how slowly it’s probably coming to. But I wonder how much like uh huh. So what I’m using like the Harley that’s about the only website. Mm hmm. Okay. I’ll tell you about them. But it was kind of like this. Mm And I haven’t, I haven’t told how everybody yet. So hey, uh, I wanted, I’ve never heard of this till Cotman before. Have you heard of him? No. One of these trying to be like the next wikileaks guy. No, I mean he published the crap online. It was, it was the guy that received the data and then decided, oh, well it’s published it online. Make a name for myself.

[01:00:56] Brad Nigh: Yeah, I see you’re saying. Yeah. I don’t know why why

[01:01:04] Evan Francen: I’m a jerk, isn’t it?

[01:01:06] Brad Nigh: Let’s see. So he regularly published his data that accidentally leaked online from major tech companies.

[01:01:12] Lee Ann Villella: So

[01:01:13] Brad Nigh: I guess this is yeah, this is his name.

[01:01:17] Evan Francen: No, that’s great. All right. Well, there’s that I can tell well investigated if anybody’s got some power to do something about it. It might be intel, but uh huh. Yeah, the data’s out and thankfully it was that it doesn’t, I don’t know if some of that data should probably be used. Play an attacker for maybe various things, but in terms of personal view and I’m getting attacked. You know at home or anything like that. There’s not that kind of data in it.

[01:01:53] Lee Ann Villella: What’s, what was the connection to Hurley? I miss or did I miss

[01:01:57] Evan Francen: that? It,

[01:02:01] Brad Nigh: he hasn’t moved it yet.

[01:02:04] Evan Francen: I got to tell them about it first, but I still need my soulmate something. Okay. It’s all good. It’s just, yeah, I’ll talk about, but it seems similar to that. Uh, the last one, I don’t want to get political on this at all. Uh, but it’s from Cnet also and it’s Ticktock slams trump executive order that effectively bans the app. A lot of talk about Tiktok uh, last few weeks, which is kind of surprising that it’s taken this law.

[01:02:41] Brad Nigh: Yeah, I’m no fan of it, but uh,

[01:02:46] Evan Francen: I’m no fan of it either. I don’t know why would have originally been permitted in the first place before it became viral. You know, such a hugely popular app. Remember the first time I saw Tiktok, I was like, just get the logo itself looks so mhm shady to me. It was my first kind of thought, you know, that I did some research into it. Like, yeah, I would use this.

[01:03:17] Brad Nigh: Yeah.

[01:03:20] Evan Francen: And I wonder do people really, where do people sit on? Mhm. On whether china is an adversary of the United States.

[01:03:36] Brad Nigh: I mean, I think it’s pretty much kind of mutual, right?

[01:03:43] Evan Francen: Well there

[01:03:44] Brad Nigh: in terms of, in terms of trying to, you know, monitoring and Washington that we know that they, there’s all kinds of evidence that they take intellectual property and just use it.

[01:03:56] Evan Francen: Right. And maybe another way to put it is china an enemy of the United States. Yeah, I mean I got my my answer.

[01:04:08] Brad Nigh: Yeah, I mean,

[01:04:10] Evan Francen: but I mean I don’t want to put you on the spot.

[01:04:12] Brad Nigh: I don’t I don’t trust my that’s a good question. I don’t use it. I wouldn’t use a chinese based application because we are, you know, they the government has access to all. I’m sure people will say, oh well that’s the case everywhere. But we think especially about their

[01:04:35] Evan Francen: one night. So it might be in china, isn’t it? Since you know, they they steal our stuff and use it against us then how isn’t that what enemies cannot do? Yeah, we weren’t enemies, we’d be working together and a lot more things were working together on maybe a covid vaccine as opposed to who’s going to be the first one to get it and then steal it from the other. You know? So if this is that kind of app where data is going to china and the chinese government is getting their hands on it. Which any company who operates in trainer has chinese government control. Yeah. So I mean they find they find an openly right all the time. At least here in the United States are a little bit more covert about it. Yeah. Uh so in my opinion, I don’t, I think Kentucky is a dangerous application. Honestly.

[01:05:45] Brad Nigh: I said I’ll use it and I don’t let my kids use it.

[01:05:49] Evan Francen: No, I don’t like, I hate the fact that it’s become politicized. Uh, because just cut, yeah, can dry, you know, one or zero? It’s trying our friend, not Russia.

[01:06:07] Lee Ann Villella: What do you think will happen though if Microsoft buys the U. S. Business of it?

[01:06:11] Evan Francen: I don’t know. I’m not a big mix up in either. So I don’t know. I mean, really? What is I couldn’t make such a little bit on. It’s a video sharing application

[01:06:31] Brad Nigh: and they can’t, you’re buying the uh,

[01:06:37] Evan Francen: I P

[01:06:38] Brad Nigh: well, well the marketing, right? It’s

[01:06:42] Evan Francen: already sort of adopted.

[01:06:44] Brad Nigh: You’re buying the user base. Do you want to build your own user base?

[01:06:50] Evan Francen: It’s interesting to talk to my daughter who’s 15 does use Tiktok. I permit that for her. I don’t permit her to post him. She likes to watch stuff. Uh, you know, it’s not, they do a pretty good job of pollution outside the raunchy stuff. You know, I mean, it’s pretty innocent. Most of the stuff that she’s saying anyway. So I do see it all. But I told her that, you know, hey, we want trump might bam tic tac. And she was like, I would die. I don’t think so. I don’t think you die now we just leave it. So feed you

[01:07:30] Brad Nigh: take cocks gun. Sorry, No more food or

[01:07:34] Evan Francen: water, Right? I think I have a lot of back flash for people who don’t understand. I think the risk. So it’s interesting, it will be something interesting to continue watching it to your point man. I don’t know what to think of the Microsoft purchasing. I think I think it maybe it’s a stopgap so that you don’t have a revolt. Yeah.

[01:08:08] Brad Nigh: Yeah. You see,

[01:08:11] Evan Francen: let’s see what else we uh I think it’s a news. Uh, we can go on to basically fishing this thing out. There you go. That’s that’s about it for episode 92 part nine of the Women in security. Series. One more episode left in the series. I think I’m gonna bring in somebody that again, bread. You don’t know. I keep giving you the host for the ones that you don’t know. Uh I would like to wrap it up. I think after 10 I think I don’t want to go too long with this to where it just becomes kind of the same thing over and over again. But I wanted to get different perspectives from different women in our industry and I think we’ve done a good job. Yeah, I agree. Uh and again, I am huge. Thank you. Uh you’re awesome. You knew that before you got here.

[01:09:05] Lee Ann Villella: Thanks. It was fun. Thanks for asking me.

[01:09:07] Evan Francen: Yeah. How about shout outs? And you do you have any shout outs for anybody?

[01:09:13] Brad Nigh: Yeah, I’ll give a shout out to the team ambush ambush blue. Really great weekend with those guys. So talented,

[01:09:24] Evan Francen: awesome band. How about you?

[01:09:28] Lee Ann Villella: Uh shout out to uh sales team who uh, you know, we’re plugging away and uh it has been a crazy year, but um, you know, we’re staying positive and um everybody stepped up in terms of even leadership and support of each other. So it’s, it’s been, it’s been fun even though it’s, you know, a crazy time. So I’m grateful for them.

[01:09:55] Evan Francen: My second both of those are CTF top to bottom this company. It’s just amazing. You know, the CTF people guys, you know, how many women on that team do we?

[01:10:06] Brad Nigh: Uh no, but we have a intern that’s going to be what it has started in the spring, but is now looking at, I think september

[01:10:15] Evan Francen: uh, I got onto the tab, yeah, shout out to the CTF and shout out to our sales to my second both of those and I’m gonna feel like a shout out sort of thing for everybody who came here to where I’m at go home and self isolate, you know, don’t put other people slash at risk. We all came here accepting the risk, you know what I mean? Uh, so it’s like one of us except it’s like not a big deal, but I don’t know how to say the word out, you know, for anybody who leaves Sturgis and goes home needs to beat yourself, I sleep. So kind of a shout out kind of a uh huh, get your crap together campaign, you know? Oh uh so thank you to our listeners. Keep the questions and feedback coming. Send things to us by email if you wish. It’s on security at proton mail dot com. If you’re the social type socialize with us on twitter, I’m @EvanFrancen brad is @BradNigh Is there a particular way you prefer people to find you?

[01:11:22] Lee Ann Villella: Yeah, they can find me probably on linkedin is the easiest. It’s just my full name on twitter. I’m not that active but probably linked in before work now.

[01:11:38] Evan Francen: Lastly, be sure to follow our show on twitter. You want, it’s at UN security. P. Follow the company’s workforce, security studios @StudioSecurity and our superiors @FRSecure. That’s it. Talk to you next week.

[01:11:52] Lee Ann Villella: Thanks guys.