SecurityStudio provides continuous and holistic risk management

Aligned to your industry, so you can spend your information security dollars wisely.

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Could you explain your cybersecurity risk posture to a 5-year-old?

If you can’t, you haven’t used SecurityStudio.

SecurityStudio puts your risk into context in a way that’s actionable for business-decision makers, easing the transition into ongoing cybersecurity risk management. Measure your risk and quickly create an effective risk management program that addresses your unique challenges, all from one centralized (and powerful) platform.

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Commercial Sector (SMBs, Mid-Market, Enterprise)

Whether your focus is on a pressing and immediate compliance concern or ensuring your business has continuity of operations, the SecurityStudio platform makes it simple to do right by your customers (all while saving your cybersecurity dollars and time).

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K – 12

We deeply understand that schools are not businesses. S2School is a specialized solution designed to help schools of all sizes protect their students and staff, promote data privacy, increase stability of operations, and improve cyber-resiliency by accounting for the unique risk considerations of K-12 education.

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Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity is a continuously changing landscape, and keeping up with the ever-evolving threats is challenging at best.

With SecurityStudio’s unique assessment engine, you can be sure you are making the best decisions to keep critical infrastructure secure and operational.

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State & Local Governments

The need for continuous risk management at the state and local government levels is to ensure that your city or local municipality can continue to deliver integral services to the community, but we understand that municipal officials are not necessarily cybersecurity experts.

The SecurityStudio platform helps you take action on the next—and most pressing—threats to help you protect the citizens you serve.

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MSPs & Partners

Do more for your clients with less effort. Leveraging our vCISO program, your team can become world-class experts in cybersecurity allowing you to quickly build a profitable, scalable, sustainable vCISO program.

With our innovative platform and robust network, SecurityStudio MSPs can benefit from our network of solution providers enabling you with a comprehensive solution stack and maximize profitability.

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