Threat monitoring is available in S2Team

S2Team Threat Monitoring

SecurityStudio is pleased to announce the addition of threat monitoring inside S2Team.


If we find a breach that affects your employees, we will send an email notice to the administrator(s) of your S2Team account. This will include the name of the breached site as well as the email addresses and data that were compromised.

S2Team Threat Monitoring


Log into S2Team and review which employees were affected. Instruct your employees to go to the breached site and change their passwords for that account. This is a great opportunity to discuss the importance of unique and strong password criteria. If your organization doesn’t already have one, consider installing a reputable password manager that can help your employees create and store strong passwords.

If you prefer not to receive email notices, you can log into S2Team and unsubscribe. You will always have access to the Threat Monitoring tab, where you can see the full list of breaches your employees have been affected by.

Make threat monitoring an integral part of your security awareness program.

Click here to read more about threat monitoring inside S2Team.


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