Kevin North

Kevin Orth

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Orth is a converted Information Security evangelist. Coming from both a technical and business background, it wasn’t until meeting Evan Francen that he truly understood the need for sound, strategic Information Security management in businesses of all sizes.

Kevin’s dual backgrounds in technology and business give him a rare ability to not only understand technical details but also to communicate them to business people who may have little to no technical background. His strengths include understanding complex situations and possessing the ability to get through the complexity to the heart of the issue quickly.

Information Security is a niche field, and there are few companies that protect information effectively. Most businesses believe that they are secure. The reality is that they are not and threats to the information they use to run their business occur daily. Educating business leaders and owners about the true risk to their business and the responsibility they have as custodians of information is what drives SecurityStudio as an organization.