SecurityStudio Makes Risk Assessment Tool Freely Available as Employees Transition to Work-From-Home Model in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

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Cybersecurity company puts mission before money to help people work from home safely

Minneapolis, MN – March 18, 2020 – The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is forcing organizations of all sizes to close offices and shift operations. In order to limit the spread and impact of the disease, employees are working from home in unprecedented numbers. It’s clear that information security must become a high priority at home, and SecurityStudio is committed to meeting this challenge head-on.

SecurityStudio is making available two first-of-their-kind tools at no cost, S2Me and S2Team.

S2Me is SecurityStudio’s personal information risk assessment tool. This unique tool is designed to assess, educate, and motivate home users to adopt good information security habits. S2Me will be available at no cost indefinitely. S2Team is SecurityStudio’s risk assessment portal that gives organizations unprecedented insight into employee information security habits at home without violating their privacy. S2Team will be no cost to all organizations for (at least) 90 days.

We’re in the midst of a perfect information security storm. First, people are justifiably preoccupied by the pandemic which makes them less likely to be paying attention to information security. Second, attacks are always more frequent during large-scale events like Coronavirus. Third, protections at home are not as well understood or managed, generally, as they are in a corporate setting,

Making our tools freely available is one of many efforts we’re undertaking to help people where it matters most. Our mission always comes before money, and right now our mission is to take care of each other by making sure people can work at home as prudently as possible.

Evan Francen, CEO of SecurityStudio

S2Me and S2Team were first introduced in mid-2019, and both tools have received strong customer support. The company is expecting to issue its latest gamified and mobile-friendly version of S2Me in Q2 2020. To learn more about S2Me, please visit S2Me. To learn more about S2Team, please visit S2Team.

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SecurityStudio exists to fix information security industry problems through simplification. The company understands that information security is not about information or security as much as it is about people. SecurityStudio empowers people to understand, measure and manage information risk by developing and providing simple tools and scoring systems that are cost-effective.

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