SecurityStudio Launches K12 Cybersecurity Podcast

K12 Cybersecurity Podcast

Security Company Aims to Provide Practical and Actionable Information in an Easy-to-Understand Manner

Minneapolis, MN –April 6, 2020 – SecurityStudio, the provider of simplified solutions to secure organizations, employees and individuals, today announces the launch of its K12 Cybersecurity Podcast. The podcast, hosted and created by SecurityStudio’s Principal Security Consultant, Ryan Cloutier, aims to provide timely, practical and actionable cybersecurity tips and advice in an easy-to-understand manner for the K12 audience.

“The K12 Cybersecurity Podcast is a passion of SecurityStudio’s and mine. By hosting this podcast, we’ll be able provide extremely practical information that’s easy for school administrators, IT staff and educators to act on. We want to avoid the tech jargon because, let’s be honest, it’s too much to take in,” said Ryan Cloutier, Principal Security Consultant at SecurityStudio. “Our mission with the podcast is to further awareness and protection for everyone.”

With a focus on risk and doing what you can to protect students and schools, K12 Podcast listeners will be able to enhance their security aptitude quickly and easily. Through discussions with top experts and thought leaders from the K12, higher ed, state and local government and information security, listeners will receive practical and actionable advice that’s easy to put into practice. At 20 – 30 minutes each, the episodes are designed to provide the right dose of security to keep listeners on their toes and safe from cybercrime. Initial discussion topics include:

  • Current events impacting K12
  • Information security 101 – discussed in regular words
  • How to prepare for ransomware
  • School board policy, IT Security policy, guidelines and procedures why are they different
  • Cyber-liability insurance

Do you have a topic that you want to discuss? Or would you like to propose an expert to join the discussion? Send your questions and suggestions to:

The K12 Cybersecurity podcast is a part of SecurityStudio’s mission to fix the broken information cybersecurity industry while serving those most in need of protection. The podcst is available on Apple Podcasts, Spreaker, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Podcsts, Castbox, Deezer, Podcast Addict and Podchaser.

About SecurityStudio

SecurityStudio exists to fix information security industry problems through simplification. The company understands that information security is not about information or security as much as it is about people. SecurityStudio empowers people to understand, measure and manage information risk by developing and providing simple tools and scoring systems that are cost-effective.

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