Risk beyond ransomware: Three steps to improving your cybersecurity

risk beyond ransomware

Ransomware attacks increased 65 percent increase between 2018 and 2019.

The bad actors in this situation are business people who are attacking using campaigns like a sophisticated marketer: with catchy subject lines, smart keyword analysis and even compelling calls to action. They prey upon topical issues – such as the current Novel Coronavirus-19 pandemic – to take advantage of our fears, uncertainties and doubts. But, unlike COVID-19, there is nothing novel about their attack tactics. They use the same approaches that they have for decades for one simple reason: because they work.

Today’s environment is a perfect storm for attackers. Our teams are scared, tired and overwhelmed, leading them to be more distracted than usual. This includes all our IT and cybersecurity teams too. We’re not in our normal office environment where we can more readily watch systems for nefarious traffic.

Following are three approaches to help manage cyber risks.

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