Good people working together to help people speak the same cybersecurity language.

Cyber safety never goes out of style
As proven cybersecurity professionals with decades of in-the-field experience and a red-hot drive to serve the underserved, we give a damn about protecting people, and creating a safer, more cyber-aware future.

About the Team Page

Evan Francen

Founder & CEO

Evan Francen is the CEO of SecurityStudio and Co-Founder and CEO of FRSecure, an expert-level security consulting company. With over 30 years of practical, hands-on experience in information security, Evan is a well-known thought leader and sought-after specialist in the industry. Everyone who knows Evan knows that his sense of humor is grounded in honesty, which means no one and nothing is ever left hanging in his work. Read More
About the Team Page

Kevin Orth

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Orth is a converted Information Security evangelist. Coming from a technical and business background, it wasn’t until meeting Evan Francen that he truly understood the need for sound, strategic Information Security management in businesses of all sizes. Read More
About the Team Page

Caitlin Fox-Carter

Product Manager

Caitlin Fox-Carter is SecurityStudio’s Product Manager, problem solver, and dreamer. Passionate about solving complex problems, she’s a proponent of asking “Why?” before “How?”. Read More
Frank Gurnee

Frank Gurnee

Channel Director

Frank Gurnee is an innovative and dedicated professional providing creative, out-of-the-box ideas and solutions to SecurityStudio. With over 20 years of experience in the IT/MSP channel, Frank is dedicated to grounding SecurityStudio as an industry leader while educating and motivating like-minded individuals on the solutions and opportunities that drive success. Read More
Troy Cherry SecurityStudio

Troy Cherry

Customer Success and Implementation Manager

Troy leverages his background as an educator and his experience in developing professional development programs, coaching, and administering software to help our clients develop confidence in our services and find success in their infosec programs. Read More
About the Team Page

Meg Perron

Academy and Education Director

Meg Perron is SecurityStudio’s Academy and Education Director with over 15 years of experience in education. Shifting from a leader in education—with a reputation as the go-to person for classroom technology support—Meg began her journey in the cybersecurity field, working as a Security Analyst before joining SecurityStudio. Read More
About the Team Page

Jared Kurtz

Account Executive

Jared Kurtz is an Account Executive at SecurityStudio. Passionate about assisting people with their problems, Jared can connect with individuals professionally and make them feel at home on a personal level. Read More
Brian Freistat

Brian Freistat

Senior Account Manager

Brian Freistat is a results-driven Senior Account Manager at SecurityStudio, a leading provider of cybersecurity Risk Management solutions. With a diverse professional background, including roles as a National Account Manager at Vertical Axion, MSP Account Manager at Equus Computer Systems, Western Regional Services Manager at SYNNEX, and Partner Support at CharTec, Inc., Brian has developed a strong understanding of the industry. Read More