March’s Feature Highlight

sub entity s2org

SecurityStudio is pleased to highlight our new, sub entity functionality inside S2Org. Complex organizations can now leverage S2Org to measure, track, and report on the information security practices of their various entities. 


Associated entities will have their own S2Org assessments that can be completed independently or with oversight by the lead organization. To ensure consistency and reduce workload, shared controls can be copied and/or linked. Once individual assessments are completed, the results will feed into the Sub Entity Panel where comprehensive scores are calculated for the organization overall. 


Build out your list of sub entities in the Company Profile. Administrators can set the business significance for each entity and even assign users with limited access. Determine which controls are shared amongst entities and make use of the copy and link capabilities. Finally, sit back and relax. The Sub Entity Panel will track all entity performance, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. 

With our sub entity functionality, managing a complex organization doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Click here to read more about managing sub entities inside S2Org. 


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