About SecurityStudio

SecurityStudio is way more than just a
cybersecurity tool—it’s a cybersecurity expert
in a box.

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We do cyber right

SecurityStudio is a continuous risk management tool designed to help you manage your cybersecurity risk in a way that matches your needs, your understanding, and your unique operational risks.

Since 2018, the SecurityStudio software has helped information security experts, MSPs, businesses, governments, and beyond get up-to-date with their information security posture and get a clear, actionable perspective on making their cybersecurity a priority, all while saving time and dollars.

With an intuitive risk assessment that quickly identifies threats, highlights risks, and generates sleek reports rooted in rock-solid data, SecurityStudio hands you the roadmap you need to protect your organization, your employees, your vendors, and those you serve.

Immediately after your assessment, you’ll have an actionable, non-repudiable record of your risk management to help you remain insurable, defensible, and compliant.