Information security demands are increasing at a dramatic rate. Security services are expected to grow to more than $100 billion by the year 2020 and nearly 40% of all contracts will be bundled with other security services and broader IT outsourcing projects. Becoming a managed security service provider (MSSP) and partnering with a security firm allows you to get ahead of this curve, and allows you to provide security services and enhancements to those customers that need and ask for them.

The Right Tools

Security tools are a key benefit of partnering with an information security company. By offering a broad range of products and offerings, you not only improve your customers’ security postures, but you’re also providing your organization the opportunity for strong monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and professional services revenue. This all starts with the assessment. Your customers won’t know how to improve their information security posture without first knowing what needs to be improved.



SecurityStudio offers the most robust and comprehensive risk assessment tool on the market. Information Security is a complex mastery of many moving parts. To simplify this complexity, we needed a common language around security that anyone could understand. From this need came the FISASCORE. FISASCORE is a numeric scoring system that measures risk by evaluating the Administrative, Physical and Technical Controls of an organization. It’s built on the same scale as a credit score and translates to any organization, which makes it a simple and comprehensive way for anyone to speak to security.



Often, when a breach or information security incident occurs, it comes from vendors of the company impacted and not the company itself. Not only do organizations struggle to manage the risk their vendors can bring to their information security, many of them aren’t even aware of who all their vendors are. Vendefense allows you to find, list, categorize and assess your third parties. Utilizing FISASCORE as the risk assessment metric, your customers can easily manage the risk of their vendors.

Understanding Requirements

Your customers may simply want to be more secure. However, there are many lines of business that have security requirements that they need to comply with. An additional benefit of becoming an MSSP by partnering with an information security organization is the knowledge base around audits, compliance and regulatory requirements. Working with security experts gives you training and assistance on these requirements so that you can ensure both you and your customers comply with regulatory requirements for your industry. In turn, you’ll also dramatically improve your customers’ security postures.

Set Up to Succeed

Even with great products, a partnership will not succeed without solid relationships and mutual engagement. It’s important that when you choose a security expert to partner with, you choose one that will continue to work in conjunction with your organization to help you succeed. Good security expert partners give you sales and analyst training, sales and lead generation tools, marketing content and more through a channel partner program. Not only does this put your organization in a position to satisfy all its customers’ needs and wants, but it also allows you to continue to expand your client and customer base. By leveraging techniques, practices and materials of expert partners, your organization quickly becomes a trusted security organization that your customers will continuously look to lean on and build off.

Information security demands are increasing at a dramatic rate. By becoming a partner of a security expert, you can provide your customers and clients with the right products and services to increase their information security, while driving a profit for your own organization simultaneously.

To learn more about how you can become an MSSP for your clients, visit our become a partner page.

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