Value proposition – Brief

The cybersecurity market is noisy, chaotic, and full of solutions for every problem under the sun. Companies who are succeeding in the market have found a way to differentiate themselves from everyone else or they’ve partnered with other companies to leverage a community. At SecurityStudio we enable our partners to do both.

There is no other combination like the one SecurityStudio provides its partners.

NOTE: For the sake of brevity, we will use the terms “cybersecurity” and “information security” interchangeably in this document.

Introduction to SecurityStudio

SecurityStudio has built a platform of simplified, best-in-class information security assessment tools to enable a community of information security practitioners (partners) to succeed while at the same time provide tremendous value to end clients.

Our partners use the SecurityStudio platform to build better cybersecurity consulting practices and sell more products than they would have otherwise.

If you’re trying to build a viable cybersecurity consulting business or if you’re looking to improve your existing cybersecurity consulting business, then SecurityStudio is perfect for you!

Reason #1 – More Opportunity

Cybersecurity improvements require cybersecurity assessments. Period.

A SecurityStudio assessment leads to a roadmap, and a roadmap leads to vast opportunities for our partners. Our partners discover that it’s easier to sell additional services when they can lean on the results of a SecurityStudio assessment.

Using SecurityStudio assessments with built-in road mapping capabilities, will produce additional opportunities like:

  • vCISO and fractional security job roles – these are often recurring revenue opportunities where the partner is remediating assessment findings over time, usually 1-3 years.
  • Product sales – some of the remediation items discovered in assessments will require the purchase of products.

Your customers should be spending their next information security dollars addressing their most significant risks. They won’t know their most significant risks without an assessment.

Customers (and partners) enjoy the benefit of spending less on cybersecurity risk assessments, leaving more money for remediation consulting and/or products.

Reason #2 – Higher Margins

If you’re doing cybersecurity risk assessments using spreadsheets, STOP! If you’re doing cybersecurity risk assessments using inefficient tools, STOP! If you’re writing significant portions of assessment reports, STOP! If your cybersecurity risk assessments take too long or if they’re too confusing, STOP the madness.

You will get better quality cybersecurity risk assessments with less effort and more consistency when you use SecurityStudio.

An example. On average it takes our partners less than 40 hours to complete a comprehensive S2Org assessment. Prior to using SecurityStudio, a similar assessment (in scope and depth) took our partners between 100 – 160 hours to complete. The 60-75% reduction in work effort translates to the bottom line, never mind the superior quality and consistency!

Reason #3 – Instant Credibility

There’s instant credibility that comes with doing a SecurityStudio cybersecurity risk assessment. The assessment tools were developed by information security experts with a combined 300+ years of experience, and the same assessment has already been completed by more than 2,000 organizations. Add to this the fact that there are more than a dozen partners who use the same methodology, and you’ve got tremendous credibility at your fingertips.

The credibility behind SecurityStudio is already exceptional, but it even gets better with each new partner and each new assessment.

If you’ve created your own cybersecurity risk assessment methodology, we’re sure it’s great! The problem is unless you’re going to make it available to others, you’ll never get the credibility that’s so vital to your success. Rather than fight the battle on your own, come join SecurityStudio and make our community better than it already is.

Reason #4 – Community

SecurityStudio partners enjoy their alliance with other partners and the benefits that come with collaboration.

We’re all in this together. Partners work together to make the platform better for everyone, most importantly, their clients. Every partner who uses SecurityStudio has direct input into methodology, content, and future platform developments. The community of partners can collaborate freely without the fear of being taken advantage of, while fostering a reputation of being a world-changer and market leader.

Reason #5 – Instant Leads

The SecurityStudio approach enables our partners to receive leads and lower their cost of sales significantly. We do this in three ways:

  1. Extensive marketing guidance and content sharing. SecurityStudio employs a marketing team that has developed an ironclad plan for your success out of the gate and into the future.
  2. Most SecurityStudio tools are free to the end consumer. This enables our partners to reach their existing customers with free, no obligation offers. Customers who take advantage of these offers can now engage their partners with specific needs. For instance, a simple mass email to a partner contact database can/will result in dozens of leads.
  3. When a partner signs up with SecurityStudio, we ask them to complete a partner profile. The partner profile is loaded into the platform for easy customer reference when they need/request assistance. For instance, if a customer needs a validation (or other help) with an assessment, the partner contact information is displayed to them automatically.
  4. Cybersecurity risk assessments are hard enough to sell, but with SecurityStudio, we’re making it easier for our partners every day.

Cybersecurity risk assessments are hard enough to sell, but with SecurityStudio, we’re making it easier for our partners every day.

Reason #6 – Better Customer Experience

Partners deliver a customer experience that often exceeds expectations by providing:

  • a collaborative experience through the web-enabled portal.
  • consistent reporting, look, and feel.
  • the ability to change providers/partners without changing everything else (methodology, reporting, communications, etc.).
  • objective criteria, metrics, and recommendations.
  • flexibility to assess once, and use the results to report on numerous frameworks, standards and compliance mandates (NIST CSF, HIPAA Audit Protocol, FFIEC guidance, ISO 27002, etc.)
  • clarity about risks and how to remediate them.
  • accountability through nested entities and granular roles

The ways in which a customer can interact with their partner and vice versa are almost endless.

Reason #7 – Trust

Partners and their customers can trust SecurityStudio to provide best-in-class cybersecurity risk assessments in line with our mission (see below). Your customers can trust the results because there’s no gaming the system. Partners don’t create the assessment criteria or the scoring; therefore, customers can trust the results they get from you more readily.

Partners who use SecurityStudio have more trust from their customers than companies who create their own assessments. This additional trust translates into stronger relationships, and ultimately more revenue.

BONUS – You’re Part of Something Bigger

It feels good to know that your part of a bigger mission with SecurityStudio.

SecurityStudio’s mission is to fix the broken information security industry, and to do that we need help from our partners. The cybersecurity risk assessment market is fragmented, and small to medium-sized businesses are confused. The SecurityStudio platform fixes the broken industry by providing simplified and cost-effective (even free) cybersecurity risk assessments to all organizations, but especially focusing on small to medium-sized ones.

“If we stay focused on the mission, we’ll make plenty of money. If we focus on the money, we’ll miss the mission.” – Evan Francen, SecurityStudio CEO.

Our goal is to bring clarity to our industry through simplicity and collaboration.


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